Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Mouse Fried Rice

Thought I'll post something since someone has been so incessantly hardworking (and making me feel guilty). BUT I have an excuse; I was ill, from a sore, monkey-scratching throat (and laziness). So HAH.

Anyway, more comprehensive restaurant posts coming up, I promise. I just need to get over Wednesday and then I'll promise comprehensive reviews on restaurants.

Just sharing...my very special and unique CHAMPALANG 11PM Fried Rice. Champalang usually means a mix of everything and champalang here basically means I fried my leftover rice with whatever crap I have leftover in the fridge. Heh. 11PM means...well, I fried it at 11PM.

Here's the deal: my sister usually takes lunch to the hospital (she is neither ill nor mental; just a medical student) and I thought I'd be a good little sis today and prepare lunch for her (tomorrow).

So we have leftover rice. And I found some bacon bits and a small portion of sliced pork loin in the fridge, along with frozen veggies, so that will be the ingredients for the fried rice.

Now when it comes to cooking, I simply add anything that suits my fancy. So I marinated the pork with a little char siew sauce and a little soy. I sliced one shallot, fried that till fragant, and dumped in the pork and bacon bits, and then dumped in the mixed veggies, dumped the rice, seasoned the whole pan with a little hoi-sin sauce, a little soy and a little chilli flakes. When it's almost nearly done, I just cracked two eggs in.

And the result:

I have a nice blue plate.

And nice fried rice. :D (Ok, it's 1130PM and I CAN'T be witty)

I just took a little nibble of it since I have a sore throat and it's FRIED RICE (yes, superstitious traditional Chinese, go away), and I have to say I like it. The char-siew sauce added a little tang to the rice along with the hoi-sin sauce. It smells good, and I feel like gobbling some :( But oh well. If I feel better tomorrow I might steal some, heh heh heh...

(BTW if you think the pictures sucked (and boooo to you!!), sorry. Lighting's kind of bad. And my rice tasted a lot better than it looked. :D)

- Hungry Mouse

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IronEaters said...

Cant believe u fry rice at this kinda of time =)altho the pic doenst look good (haha), i believe it will taste good by reading the way u cook it, esp with 2 eggs on it! hm..it makes me hungry too