Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Bacon, eggyolk & parmesan cheese pasta

Was trying this recipe for lunch, after watching "Fresh cooking with Australian Women's weekly" the other day.

Its very delicious and yet simple to make. Here it is:


some fresh pasta
some bacons, slice them up
some chopped flat-leaf parsley
a handful of parmesan cheese
1 eggyolk

1) Boil some water (add salts into it) and add your choice of pasta into it
2) At the same time, heat up the pan and pan fry the bacons
3) When the bacons are ready, you will find your pasta will be around the same time to get cooked as well. Then, turn off the heat of the pan and put your pasta into it.
4) While the pasta n the bacons are still hot, quickly mix in the eggyolk, parmesan and parsley. Mix them well. The eggyolk and parmesan cheese will cooked/melt and you will get this creamy sauce kinda texture. Yum!
5) Garnish the pasta with parsley if u like.

And its ready to serve!

You will c that I didn't add any salt into it as i feel that the bacons are already salty enuff to flavour the pasta. Ooo... another thing is that the show didnt mention to add any olive oil to the pasta *after mixing the eggyolk ..etc* However, I think you should just add some olive oil, else it will b a little dry. Enjoy!


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