Monday, 14 May 2007

Brunneti cafe

Been knowing Brunetti has another branch at Flinders Lane for quite sometimes ago and at last, we went, as we heard that they serve crepes there =) We did order 2 types of crepes but they looks really similar and hence we only show you the nutella crepe.

The Nutella crepe :D + one strawberry

The strawberry up-close...isn't it a strawberry!?!

It has thick nutela sauce inside n on top of the crepes, with some chopped hazelnut. The combination of the nutella, hazelnut, and the crepes is quite good actually (not the best I have tried) although I do prefer the crepes to be slightly more crunchy outside.

However, we were a little distracted/annoyed by the pigeons eating/making a mess/fighting on other tables and also the very strong wind that blew away the icing sugar on the crepes as well as our napkins. As for the service, it was a little slow which probably due to only 1 person was making the crepes. Overall, we did enjoy the food.

- The San


Apparently the Brunetti cafe at the corner of Flinders' Lane and Swanston Street have CREPES. Well, I must be blind or really out of it, I didn't even realise that until San was all like "OMGOMGCREPESFOOOOD" and dragged me there to eat the kind-of-famous crepes (I said kind-of because I haven't heard of it even if everyone and their mother has).

It was quite a windy day when we got there - and I found out that the crepe corner was actually not in the main cafe itself - it was along the block of shop-houses where Starbucks was. It was a tiny little stall actually, just for you to place orders (I think). They also serve Brunetti home-made gelati along with the crepes. There's lots of crepes available with fancy names such as Bachi and some other Italian stuff.

Anyway. We ended up ordering one Bachi crepe and one Nutella crepe to share between the four of us (that's the two reviewers plus two more greedy unnamed people). It was crowded that day, so we picked a spot behind the main cafe; at a long table. And waited an equally looooong time for service. Seriously, I thought they were picking cocoa beans to make chocolate. I was assured though, that they were short-staffed that day. Hmmm. Will go back there one day and see whether that was true.

Not a good day to be out - it was too windy and there were pigeons EVERYWHERE. Because Brunetti's Flinders' is outdoors, therefore those little buggers were all over the place - poking at leftover food and attempting to poke at just-served food. It was actually quite unpleasant with a whole bunch of mad birds attempting to steal my food.

Back to the crepes.

They're very good crepes, with just the right amount of chocolate-y goodness and nuts to round out the taste. The chocolate and the crepe itself was warm and gooey and very comforting and warming on a cold spring day. It's not too sweet either, I like the balance of nuts and chocolate. The only thing is:

I cannot tell the difference between the Nutella and the Bachi. >>;; They taste...THE SAME. It's not my tastebuds, cos my sister said the same thing.

Maybe we should've gone for something completely different otherwise, rather than choosing two chocolate-based crepes. But hey, the stomachs ain't complaining.

So in conclusion: I would recommend the crepes themselves, which are good stuff, but the spot/setting is just too...outdoors. It's probably nice in the summer or a warm day, but windy day + mad pigeons that I cannot roast for dinner definitely dampened the experience.

I would still go back there to try other crepes though. :D And as a plus, they do make very good coffee.

[Sorry for the lack of pictures for this post, we sort of ran out of battery. The pigeons ate our battery.]

- El Mad Mouse


Brunetti City Square
214 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: (03) 9663 8085

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