Saturday, 16 June 2007

Lemon Bistro Thai Restaurant Cafe & Bar

Friday nights are always horrible to find a place for dinner when you don't have a booking. Fortunately, trusty Chinatown always has something for us, even when it's not our first choice restaurant. :D

On the recommendation of my sister's course mate, we tried a Thai restaurant on Little Bourke Street yesterday - Lemon Bistro.

Presenting...the MENU!

We ordered three dishes to share, with rice. I also ordered a green tea and actually took a picture of that, but as I was editing the pictures, I realised it tea. There's nothing remarkable about green tea. It's not like it's Thai Curry Green Tea, it's just green tea.

The veggies came first - we ordered Vegetables With Home-made Peanut Sauce ($10.80).

Chunky veggies in sort of chunky sauce.

It was rather ordinary veggies, I supposed. The peanut sauce did have a nice nutty taste that did not taste like it was made from peanut butter, but it was mild to taste and nothing like Satay Sauce, if you were looking to make that comparison. Also, I also have to complain that the bok choy they used was way too big - they should've chopped it to make it easier to eat.

And then our first meat dish - Thai Basil Chicken ($15.80).

Chicken's buried under there somewhere. It's there, trust me.

I rather like the sauce, the thai basil was quite fragrant and tangy to taste. A little bit too salty, but it was okay with rice. However we all three (me, my sis and San) agreed that we have tasted better thai basil - the basil could be stronger. Sis and San weren't particularly impressed, actually. And the dish was nothing really special, to be honest - just chicken slices and lots of veggies (we could've made do with the veggies from the chicken!).

The last one we ordered was the best of the lot, Red Duck Curry ($16.80).

*inserts some joke about duck*

It was really yummy; I love the curry, it suited to me as it wasn't too hot. Of course, for sis and San it could be hotter. :D The bamboo shoots were a nice compliment to the dish, and the duck meat was good, too, cooked just right. There's also enough duck meat to go around for everyone.

Rather decent place, but I noticed that it catered more towards Aussies than the Asians - and I think it's also because of that that the food was not very spicy. I would've expected Thai food to be a lot more spicy than the ones we had yesterday. Not the best Thai restaurant ever (we do have a favourite and I'll review it when we do go there, it's a bit out of the way), but the food's quite okay.

Yeah, I'm picky.

- Mouse (who hasn't been writing as much as she should but she had exams PLUS she is sick)


Lemon Bistro Thai Restaurant Cafe & Bar
Shop 2, 178-190 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9663 3001

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Anonymous said...

To be honest, i think the food is just OK, mayb slightly below average...the vegetabes with home-made peanut sauce cant really taste the peanut sauce while the thai basil chicken is just an average stir fry dish with a few basil leaves. The best out of the 3 dishes is the duck curry, but still the curry wasn't very fragrant and was not thick enuff.

and speaking of spiciness, its thai food... n the curry was not spicy at all...Its not like I eat super spicy food, but the curry just dun hav the "kick" at all.