Thursday, 14 June 2007


On my way to get a book at Baillieu Library this morning, I took the wrong tram at La Trobe street (should take tram 19) and luckily I realised it when it made a stop at Victoria Market =) Since I haven't had my breakfast, I thought y dun just grab some fresh hot jam-filled doughnuts?

The American Doughnut Kitchen Van

My doughnuts

WOW...Lots of sugar

My favourite part ~ the jam

This doughnut van is at Queens Victoria Market and is run by Boening's family. They have been in the doughnuts business for more than 5 decades... Here is a bit of their story, if u r interested.



mouse said...

San - are you kidding? You actually went back for those doughnuts!? Good for you you actually got some with JAM, as opposed to mine last time, where there was a dab...a DAB no bigger than my the butt of the doughnut...for ALL THREE OF THE DOUGHNUTS.

I admit they are rather good doughnuts but after getting ripped off that time? Never again!!!

IronEaters said...

Mouse, yea.the doughnuts are quite good as compared to Krispy Kremes? coz at least they are freshly made and are still hot/warm when u buy them,although sometimes i do wish that they can put more jams in it. I know, last time ur doughnuts BARELY hav any jams *pats*


Eu Jin said...

wow... i really miss these.. used to have it every week, on fridays when i'd go to the market for my apples... when its fresh n hot - so nice - and soft - then a bit salty from the butter or something - then finally sweet where the jam is... =)

probably they didn't like u pj(ie. rat) =D i had one bunch once that was all jam - too much XD

Sean said...

The ones at Lix are nice... always lots of jam/ nutella

mellie said...

They're my absolute favourites - though the Lix ones that sean mentioned sound interesting.

Hmm...I must investigate :-)

IronEaters said...

hi eujin,yea..they are quite good aren't there.But, i never had one that the jams inside is too much... =D

sean, yea.. the ones at lix are not bad too, the dough is alot softer and got more jams/nuttella. One thing is that the doughnuts at victoria market are a bit crunchy as compared to Lix,which is what i like =)

mellie,the doughnuts at lix and vic market have different textures.yea..u should giv it a try!


cin said...

no, no, no - they don't cook them through well enough and you get doughy bits eewwwwwww.

try the ones from Il Fornaio!

IronEaters said...

cin, really..eee.I know the feelings especially when you still can taste the flours within the cakes/doughy based desserts. But, so far (only tried 2 or 3 times) i havent came across the problems... and I will put II Fornaio down on my list! thanks for the info. =)