Sunday, 27 May 2007

Dinner at mouse's place

Today is mouse's turn to cook dinner. Her menu for tonite are prawns (prawNS & prAWNS, lots of them) and cauliflower.

wow! Lots of prawns with garlic + honey sauce... yum!

The prawns r actually a lot for 4 of us. But hey, its good. So, you r rite, we finished them all =D You could c on the left, there are some white/yellowish sauce on the prawns. Those are cheese. Only a few prawns with cheese coz she said she just wanted to try n see whether the cheese can go with the garlic & honey sauce. It did.. but because i love garlic, so i am as happy to have those without cheese =)

cauliflower with some dried shrimps

Lastly, some fruits after meals =) them

sweet n very juicy

** love that last pic, it makes me drool **

I found the pineapples in Australia got this unique fragrant compared to Malaysia's. The later's pineapple are more often a lot sweeter but don't have the same intense aroma. I cant get enuff of the fragrance. Its just smell good even though its not very very sweet. LOVE PINEAPPLE.


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