Monday, 2 May 2011

Auction rooms

Been MIA again because all 3 of us are busy with work. (yes, MM is employed least until next week, after which 1.5months of holidays/travelling follows...can't wait!)
Well, not deviating from our previous theme...I chose to share with you today - Auction Rooms, a popular brunch spot in North Melbourne. I've been there a few times myself...probably a couple of times for brunch, and even once for dinner. The pictures in this post were taken when I was there with San for brunch, on a rather cloudy day, as one can tell.

love the sign

waiting for a table and just enjoying our surroundings

my fancy sandwich & San's sweet treat

Honestly, it's been that long that I don't remember how the sandwich tasted like...but I always enjoyed their menu filled with interesting picks (not just the usual brunch fare). I do remember it was yummy (and the yellow sauce dripped onto my new pale-pink leather bag (ouch)...I was my usual slob self).

I guess this is not much of a review eh? *sheepish*

But a quick summary - love the deco (pretty much like many of the cafes in melbourne ~ vintage-y, mismatched tables & chairs), large airy space (unlike many other cafes), friendly service each time I've been there, interesting menu...the downside, it does get pretty busy so expect to wait for a little bit for a table.

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