Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Penang Hawker Food

Okay, I know I said the next post would be another one on CC's family restaurant, but seeing how I posted about Sibu hawker food here, I thought I'll just quickly write this on Penang hawker food, because I had some yesterday and there isn't a lot of pictures. :)

Liang and I went to a hawker centre in Lorong Swatow, near New World Park in Penang yesterday. Because I am lame, I forgot the name of the kopi tiam, it's the one opposite-behind Continental Bakery.

Both of us had Liang's favourite at the kopi tiam - TomYam Maggi Mee (RM3.00). Mine without taugeh (bean sprouts) of course, and Liang's with extra taugeh.

Not really a classic Penang hawker food, but it's good.

I've had that before last year - those were really good tomyam noodles. The soup was spicy and sharp, and the seller was generous with noodles, seafood and pieces of chicken. It's filling and very satisfying...some might complain it wasn't spicy enough - but because both me and Liang have low tolerance for chili, it suits us very well.

(You may be wondering why I didn't have Char Koay Teow. Cos the Char Koay Teow at that place wasn't fantastic...I prefer the TomYam noodles.)

We got badgered into ordering a plate of O-Jian (Oyster Eggs) (RM2.50) to share.

Liang asked for less oil...I think there's not much difference, haha.

I haven't had a lot of O-Jian previously on the account of health reasons. As good as they are, they really are quite oily and unhealthy. :( But the O-Jian we had was yummy. The oysters, although not super fresh, were fresh enough not to be smelly and the fried egg was crispy on the edges yet soft in the centres with the oysters to balance out a great crispy-gooey taste. I really liked it...such a guilty pleasure. Especially the crunchy bits of the egg!

And there you go - a Penang hawker food post...at last. And only two dishes. I am such a bad Penangnite. :(

- Mouse

P.S. Our food, plus drinks, come up to less than AUD12.00.


San is back said...

the tom yam soup looks tasty. but why maggie mee? i can hav tt at home =P hahaha. i like O-jian too. crunchy n juicy. aaaaahh.. nice!

Hungry Hamster said...

Yay, u guys are back! What a coincident! I'm currently in Penang too! Just had my dose of Assam Laksa today!

My favorite Wanton Mee place is at Macalister Rd. (not sure if that's how you spell it). It's the corner coffee shop next to New World Park. Will post about it on my blog soon!

Welcome back!

tfp said...

The eggs look good! Sounds like they had the best textures of egg, crispy edges and soft centres. YUM! Glad you are back posting again!

crushedguava said...

ahha, you guys are back. where have you 2 disappeared to? haven't seen your presence online in ages!

SAN says Happy Chinese New Year Eve said...

yea...we r back. I was just busy with work n studying...then went back to Malaysia for holidays. n now I am back to Melbourne.First time gonna spend CNY here without family (brother is here though)=(Whereas for Mouse, i think pretty much the same =D

ilingc said...

Ahh.. how I miss or chiens. I must say the ones in Penang were the best I've ever had. unfortunately, as I was visiting, I have no idea where the location of the restaurant is either.. :(

crushedguava said...

well i'm in melbourne at the moment as well and its looks like chinese new year will be 'just another day'.

at least last year my friends were here as well, this year though, there's only one or two around as most of them are back in malaysia

SAN said...

hi hungry hamster! you in Penang now? haha..hope u r having a great time enjoying all the good there!!

hi tfp.yea, i lov "O JIAN" too, they r yummy.

hi ilingc. I never tried O JIAN from Penang b4. Sounds like i must hav a try when i got the chance to visit Penang next =)

hi crushed guava. O, u in melbourne now too? so early. i totally agree tt the CNY here is "just like another normal day". no CNY atmosphere at all... hope the parade on Sunday will spice up the atmosphere!

crushedguava said...

ah. Parade? Sunday? There's going to be a parade on Sunday? When and where?

I was around chinatown and crown yesterday and was disappointed to find nothing happening. Compared to last year, I remember that they actually had stuff going on in both crown and chinatown. Wonder why.

SAN said...

hi crushedguava. Yea, there will b one. u can look at the Melbourne Chinatown's website: [http://www.chinatownmelbourne.com.au/] and click on "CHINESE NEW YEAR 2008"

I heard some say coz the 1st day of CNY falls on Thursday, so they will hav the activities on Sunday? but neway, hav fun if u r going! =D

Shirley Khor said...

New World Kopitiam was one of my favourite kopitiam to have lunch with my friends when I was still studying in Penang. I loved their Ais Kacang. And I gotta agree with u that the tom yam noodle is really good ;) Aw~Now I miss Pg and the foooood...

Lao Cha - JHL said...

OMG!!!! I love O Jian !!!I miss Penang food !!Can't wait to go back to Malaysia.....

mouse said...

Hey shirley, most of the New World kopitiam stalls actually has moved to a huge hawker center called New World Park now. :) But some little kopitiams - like the one I went to, are still around. And yup, they have pretty darn good Ais Kacang! :) Penang really is a food paradise.

Hi lao cha - jhl, I like O-Jian, too, but unfortunately, can't have it too often! It's a great now-and-then indulgence.