Tuesday, 19 June 2007


Satay bun ($1.90) & Spicy beef ($1.80)

These are my brunch from Breadtop, QV + the egg tart from Maxim yesterday =D quite full as they were all dough-y based. This is my 1st time having the satay bun as the pyramid shape & the word "satay" caught my eyes. The top part of the bun tasted like pastry typed of texture while the bottom is just like normal bread. I like the bun's texture as it provides some crunchiness but the satay inside...... well... nothing like satay... I can only subtly taste the peanut butter, if there is any, or I could have imagined that there was, since I love to eat satay. LOL.

For the spicy beef bun, I love it as the beef is a bit spicy *duh* and the amount of it is just rite, where every bite u'll have some spicy beef in your mouth. I like.


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