Saturday, 26 May 2007

Blue Sky Chinese Restaurant, Melbourne

You know how you never really check out little alley-way restaurants because you don't venture into little alleyways? Okay, maybe you do, but I don't, and I never really dined at those little alleyway Chinatown places despite being here for the 6th year counting. Yes, I am unadventurous and I suck.

Anyway, my sister's friend recommended this rather hidden place called 蓝天 Blue Sky a while back, and she liked the food there, so a bunch of us went there yesterday before Pirates of the Carribean 3: At World's End (BTW Orlando Bloom is HOT).

Little alleyway thingie thing

It was quite bustly-busy, but it was Friday night after all.

I don't why the background to Blue Sky is red, either.

Because I wasn't very hungry, me and Turtle decided to split a plate of Scallop Fried Rice with XO Sauce ($8).

Woooo. Fed the two of us very nicely.

It was very good fried rice. We both liked it a lot; there were plenty of scallops, and although they were little ones, they were fresh scallops, and tasted fresh and springy, with a gorgeous texture. The rice was fried to the right amount of dryness, and with pieces of yummy fried egg everywhere. The sauce was good too; not too spicy which is to my liking (yes, I can't really eat spicy, I fail as a Malaysian), and very fragant. Very successful scallop fried rice!

CC had the Roast Duck on Rice ($8) because she adores duck. *coughs*

Lots of ducky meat there.

I only had a little taste of it, and I thought it was good roast duck. CC seemed to like it. She did say it was a little too salty though, and had to be eaten with rice. It was nothing really spectacular as it goes, but it was good and filling. There was a lot of meat with the rice, and it's good value for money.

San and my sister both had the Mandarin Spare Ribs on Rice ($8), which was what my sister had and liked from her first visit.

Yummy, ain't it?

Had a piece of meat courtesy of both girls, and I have to say I really really like it. I don't normally like spare ribs, but I think these were very well done ribs. They were cooked to perfection, so the meat was just nice to bite and not too tough. The mandarin sauce (a kind of sweet-sour sauce but not the usual Chinese sweet-sour sauce) was a great complement with the ribs, and it was coated just the right sticky amount, flavoring the ribs nicely. I'm definitely having this the next time I go back there, and yes, we will go back there. :D

Ben had some congee, but she didn't really like it, and I didn't take a picture of that, so.

There's also the option of ordering dishes to share, as in fish and chicken and veggies and stuff to be shared with white rice and all. I didn't notice the prices for those dishes, but I don't think it'll be too expensive.

Overall, I think it's a place worth going. The service was quite good for a Chinatown restaurant, they were polite and quite efficient. Environment wasn't too bad either. Food's definitely worth it for the value, less than $10 will feed one nice and full for dinner; and if you're not much for drinks, there's a free flow of Chinese tea, so you don't need to order any beverages. ^~

And oh, sorry, all the photos had a date stamp to them. I am too lazy to airbrush those out. :D

- Mouse


Blue Sky Chinese Restaurant
7 Waratah Place
Melbourne 3000

Phone: (03) 9663 9888


IronEaters said...

This is my first time there and i have to say i like the "mandarin pork ribs on rice" very much.
There were generous pieces of pork ribs where they were deep fried and were coated with the fragant mandarin sauce,some brown onions and spring onion. The sauce was abit sour,a little spicy... hmm..just good.And with the sauce on rice, i could eat alot of rice =)


tfp said...

That roast duck rice looks great! I've been craving duck rice for sometime now. Might have to get some one of these days.

IronEaters said...

hi tfp. thanks for stopping by.yea, the roast duck rice is quite good, with lots of ducky meat =D

Anonymous said...

You got to eat the hotpots. its value for money and its alot better!!

Anonymous said...

Bluesky? F*uck yeah... This place has the most addictive food ever. Spicy Beef Hot Pot...Spicy Beef and Egg Noodle Soup..Stewed Curry Beef on Rice...the food is DOPE !

I have been going at least once a week since 2006. (Thanks for the tip Adrian Hum:)) I have eaten out every work day for almost 4 years and NO PLACE IN THE CBD can burn this place.

Bargain prices..CONSISTENTLY great food. Cool. friendly staff and you always see the same skulls in there. I have noticed that it is usually full of dudes, chicks seem to be not so keen (Just an OBSERVATION). If I ever get a job outside the CBD, I will come here at night it is THAT FUCKING GOOD !

I am a fifth gen Aussie Bogan and my Dad would be scratching his head at why I love this stuff, but it is the BOMB.

11/10..EVERYTIME. There are so many other 'Chow' food places that are LAME ! I reckon I have been to at least 50 others... They seem to use tough, chewy beef, dodgy sauces rip-off prices and bad attitudes. This place is the real deal. True Homestyle Chinese.(So I have been told by other Chinese Dudes..remember I am just a Bogan)
It is the highlight of my working week.

So Bluesky, hats off and keep up the superior work.